DirectNLP Privacy Policy

DirectNLP is a website and an online service for natural language processing and text analytics. The service is owned and operated by DirectNLP OÜ (limited liability company), registered in Estonia (registration code 14142873).

What information will be collected?

DirectNLP collects your email, name, password and if you subscribe to a paid plan, which is used to authenticate you to the website. If you subscribe to a paid plan, we collect your credit card number and share it with Braintree Payments and Paypal, who provides us the credit card billing service. We don't store your credit card information, but it may be stored by our billing card service providers.


Cookies are text files retained on computers by browsers containing information necessary to use the Service DirectNLP uses Cookies to for for maintaining sessions between you and the Service.

Returns and Refund Policy

You have the right to suspend your subscription any time, by sending a request to You have also a right to request a refund for days (if any), that you did not use, but had already paid for.

Third parties

We use Braintree Payments to secure credit card subscriptions and share your credit card information with them in order to provide you seamless Service.

Contact information

In case you have questions, please email us at