DirectNLP is a natural language processing web service, which makes it easy and cheap for businesses to add advanced text analysis functionality into the workflow. The ultimate goal of DirectNLP is to make it feasible to develop artificial intelligence applications with low infrastructure costs and development time. The uniqueness of DirectNLP lies in its capability of analyzing multi-lingual data with high accuracy and performance.

We value developer time and therefore invest extensively in providing detailed documentation and example use cases to make the integration as fast and simple as possible. The topics we intend to cover range from doing simpler things such as stemming, indexing and keyword matching to more difficult topics like named entity recognition, natural language understanding, question answering, relationship extraction, sentiment analysis and topic segmentation.

As the field of natural language processing is advancing at a very fast pace with new scientific methods and corpora published every month, we are constantly adding features and making the service better. We believe that being able to leverage the information in written text is one of the major cornerstones of the future of the AI.



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